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“The courses provided for the Office of National Statistics have been wonderfully received by the staff. Each course has been oversubscribed with a continual waiting list of delegates wanting to attend further courses. Employees have reported feeling greater levels of happiness and satisfaction as well as greater levels of calm which enables them to deal with daily stresses in a much healthier way.”

Robert Warner, Business Support Manager for the Wellbeing Programme at the Office for National Statistics.

“The impact that the courses had with the Social Services team was huge, we are experiencing lots of changes which has been hard on staff, however they were taught practical techniques which they are enjoying using to great effect in order to lower stress and anxiety. Furthermore, the staff really embraced the uniqueness of both the content and delivery of the courses”

Sian Jones, Principal Officer Service Department, Bridgend County Council Wellbeing Directorate.

 “I really enjoy the whole Reiki experience, I have had many ” relaxing” treatments in the past but none have calmed and relaxed me like reiki. Lianne makes me feel very safe and her treatments are non evasive. From the very second Lianne starts her treatment I feel extremely relaxed and peaceful. I would encourage anyone who is considering reiki to go for it.”

AM (Caerphilly)

 “I used to have regular reiki sessions many years ago but had not had any for a long time. After wining a free session with Lianne I decided to give it a go. I have to say that after a few sessions now I am feeling so much lighter and the mental chatter in my head has gone. I feel like a new woman. I cant explain what reiki does but if something works it works and for me I have gone from feeling wound up and stressed to finally being chilled out. It helps to keep me grounded.”

LAR (Newport)

“A completely different way of approaching any problem whether it is physical or mental. Has changed my life for the better. Thanks”

TW (Monmouth)

 “Just wanted to say thanks again for Wednesday evening. Oh my goodness, I have not be this chilled or felt this good for such a long time! And that’s just one treatment.  I believe, and had faith before coming but just can’t quiet believe how quick the effects are. At points couldn’t talk properly yesterday I was so chilled! Ha. Can’t wait till next month.”

LB (Newport)

"In my 27 years of working here, this is by far the most valuable course I have ever attended. I cannot thank you enough."

CP (Newport)

"I don't know how you do what  you do, but if you could bottle it you'd be a millionaire! I feel like a different person"

SM (Caerleon)

"I have been asked by other colleagues if the course is worth attending, and have encouraged all of them to apply and hopefully get on the future cohorts, everyone attending will find something that will resonate and become a useful part of their future “toolkit”.

Thanks again for such an interesting, informative and interactive course."

KS (Titchfield)


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