We are here to help during the coronavirus

As we step into deeply uncertain times, we are all experiencing some stress, anxiety and worry about what the coronavirus / covid19 means to us and our loved ones. Due to the unprecedented nature of this pandemic, none of us really know how we should feel or act. We swing from feeling as if we are over reacting to under reacting, we have children looking to us for advice, we may have lost our work and incomes over night, we may be unable to see our most loved friends and family.

Whilst we at Beam do not have all the answers, what we do have is many years experience of helping others and teaching resilience. We therefore will be using that knowledge and experience to do everything we can to support YOU. We are constantly evaluating the best way to do this but at the moment this means:

* Offering 1-2-1 Skype / FaceTime therapy sessions at the discounted rate of £30 (instead of £45) - If you would like to book a therapy session, you may contact Lianne directly to arrange.

* Stepping up our newsletters to once a week to provide as much advice and positive resources as possible. You can read old ones in our blog.

* Offering a confidential email outlet where you can email any worries / concerns or stresses to our team. You will not received therapy for this, but you will receive a friendly, knowledgeable and reassuring response. You can email us here.

* Providing tools and techniques weekly via our YouTube channel, you can subscribe here.

* Offering online training (this will be released within the next few days)

* Offering free meditation / visualisations to calm your anxiety (these will be released shortly)

* Interacting daily on our facebook page offering help, advice and positivity.

Whilst we are being pushed into self isolation, please remember that you are never alone. We want to help and support you at Beam but please if you need extra or more specialist help, it is out there. You can visit Hub of Hope to find people to talk to in your local area.

Our ability to provide you with help and support is also dependent upon your feedback so if you would like to see us offer something we have not thought about, please let us know.

We are BEAMING LOVE to you!

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