My Body is Amazing – 1-2-1 sessions

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We are offering a special one to one course with Lianne O’Brian Weaver who will help you learn to connect with and understand your body on a level you never imagined. This is not a weight loss course, this is a course to reprogram your thoughts which drive your behaviours to enable you to love and appreciate your body!

What you will receive:

3 x One hour sessions over three weeks which can be carried out at our Newport rooms or via Skype.

Week 1

  • Learn how to connect with your body on a holistic level ensuring that the mind, body and spirit are all in harmony
  • Enjoy a deep meditation to enable this connection
  • Understand how your relationship with your body has become disconnected
  • Learn how to make small mindset changes with big results

Week 2

  • Understand how the body and brain work together and against each other
  • Learn tips and techniques to support your goals
  • Learn how your language may be sabotaging your success

Week 3

  • Understand the impact of emotional eating and quickly get to the root of why
  • Learn how to tackle craving using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Learn Mindful eating to help you reconnect with the pleasure of eating whilst listening to signals from your body.

Each week will end with you receiving some ‘homework’ to help to keep you on the right path as the days progress. You will also receive MP3 audio meditations to keep to listen to as often as you wish.

All of the tips and techniques you will be taught have worked with numerous clients with huge success, Lianne herself lost two stone using them, another lost 2.5 stone, whilst her most vocal client, Lee Penaluna, used what he learned to lose a remarkable 8 stone, and keep it off!

The session spaces are limited so if you want to make a change, act now!

Once your make your purchase, you will receive an email within 48hours to begin the process of booking your appointments. Alternatively, please email Lianne to indicate your preferred appointment times and she will get back to you as soon as she is able.


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