2 Replies to “January Deep Clean”

  1. Brilliant blog Lianne, thanks!

    This year I’ve bought myself a journal for the first time and each day I’m writing my 3 gratitudes, a theme for the day and a summary of what I did and what I’m thinking about that day. Friday 2nd was a particularly ‘not good’ day for me, but I held on to my gratitudes of family that take care of me, the fact that I usually do have good health and gluten free rich tea biscuits!

    I’ve mostly purged the negative people from my life, but definitely following your advice on the home which is getting a little full these days. 🙂

    1. Thanks Ami, living through gratitude is so powerful so I am sure you are already seeing the benefits of your journal!

      And keep doing the odd audit of the negative people, they occasionally sneak back in before we realise 🙂

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