Corporate Courses

Corporate Courses


Health and wellbeing of your employees is the responsibility of both the employer and the employee, the happier and healthier your employees the greater the productivity and effectiveness of the business.

IMG_20151109_110157Beam Holistic Training offer unique and powerful wellbeing courses which not only help the employer invest in their employees making them feel valued, supported and respected but also empowers employees to take responsibility for their own wellbeing both in the work place and at home.

Our courses are totally unique, created by our founder Lianne O’Brian who uses her experience as a HR professional, accountant, holistic therapist and coach to create engaging and empowering courses. The courses have been delivered in public and private sector organisations with amazing results for both employer and employees. Some of our corporate clients are:



“The courses provided for the Office of National Statistics have been wonderfully received by the staff. Each course has been oversubscribed with a continual waiting list of delegates wanting to attend further courses. Employees have reported feeling greater levels of happiness and satisfaction as well as greater levels of calm which enables them to deal with daily stresses in a much healthier way.” Robert Warner, Business Support Manager for the Wellbeing Programme at the Office for National Statistics.

“The impact that the courses had with the Social Services team was huge, we are experiencing lots of changes which has been hard on staff, however they were taught practical techniques which they are enjoying using to great effect in order to lower stress and anxiety. Furthermore, the staff really embraced the uniqueness of both the content and delivery of the courses” Sian Jones, Principal Officer Service Department, Bridgend County Council Wellbeing Directorate.

“The course has given me the tools to make my life seem better. My life is the same as before I started the course – same stresses – but how I feel about my life has changed a huge amount. Thank you for this gift.” RJ (Newport) Discover Your Bounce Delegate 

“Really loved the workshop, I learned so much from a very knowledgeable teacher. I am now waking up feeling happy and positive to get on with day and I cannot remember when (or even if!) that last happened!” SW (Cardiff) Happiness is a Choice Delegate

Some of Our Courses

We offer a variety of different courses to suit all business needs and all budgets we have three 6 week courses which are taught in house for one hour per week over the six weeks. These courses are:

  • Happiness is a Choice – Using a wide variety of positive psychology techniques to improve long term happiness and engagement.
  • Discover Your Bounce – Focusing upon understand how our environment and others can impact our energy levels and how to protect and maintain a healthy energy.
  • The Wellbeing Masterclass – Encouraging responsibility for health and wellbeing focussing upon resilience, mindfulness, leadership and more.
  • The Happiness Masterclass – This 6 week programme follows up from the “Happiness is a Choice” looking at Mindfulness, Living with Purpose, Connecting with Passions and much more.

We also offer full and half day courses such as:


Our courses start from just £299. Each course is run for a maximum of 12 delegates per session.

Taster Talks

Taster Talk Special Offer

We are always pleased to offer a ‘taster talk’ to companies whether to coincide with your own wellbeing event or as a way of seeing how our courses operate. Our taster sessions last up to one hour and include talks such as:

  • Happiness is a Choice
  • Energy for Life
  • Thoughts Become Things
  • Why meditate?
  • Resilience – Embracing Change

Our Taster sessions cost just £199 and can be delivered to up to 25 employees.

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