Our Courses

Our Courses

Beam Holistic Therapy & Training are passionate about helping people become the very best versions of themselves that 2014-07-05 21.39.28they possibly can be.

A large part of this is empowering people to take ownership of their own mental, physical and spiritual well being (self reliance); we offer numerous courses that help you to develop this ability.

“The courses provided for the Office of National Statistics have been wonderfully received by the staff. Each course has been oversubscribed with a continual waiting list of delegates wanting to attend further courses. Employees have reported feeling greater levels of happiness and satisfaction as well as greater levels of calm which enables them to deal with daily stresses in a much healthier way.” Robert Warner, Business Support Manager for the Wellbeing Programme at the Office for National Statistics.

“The impact that the courses had with the Social Services team was huge, we are experiencing lots of changes which has been hard on staff, however they were taught practical techniques which they are enjoying using to great effect in order to lower stress and anxiety. Furthermore, the staff really embraced the uniqueness of both the content and delivery of the courses” Sian Jones, Principal Officer Service Department, Bridgend County Council Wellbeing Directorate.

All of our courses are fun, educational and crammed full of practical skills that you can walk away using to help improve your life immediately. Current courses available are:

6 Week Training Courses

Happiness is a Choice

The Wellbeing Masterclass

The Resilience Masterclass

Examples of some of our Day and Half Day Training Courses

Reiki Training

        Introduction to Crystals

Introduction to Meditation

Thoughts Become Things

Understanding Meditation

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Vision Board Workshop

Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Introduction to Mindfulness

For further information about attending a course or finding out if we can run a corporate course for your business, please get in touch with us.


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  1. Hello, I would like more information on the course that you offer. I am a very spiritual person and have taken an interest in holistic therapies where by I would like to train correctly. Please could you send me some information. Thank you

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